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21 Apr

Later that day at work (being the model employee I am) I checked twitter.

Norbert had replied with a simple message, “Join our team”.

Crossing 19 countries overland he is setting off on his unrouted drive from London, UK to Ulan Bator, Mongolia in a little over nine days.

Prepare for a hit of pure wanderlust, this one is going to get you high…If someone presented you with an offer for an epic adventure, but it meant you had to rearrange two months of travel plans, jump into a less than perfect car, and race 10,000 miles across two continents, would you do it?

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ALLMAN, Author and Journalist: This man just went out, and he said, "Stop," and the tank stopped. ROBIN MUNRO, Director, China Labour Bulletin: In a sense, he stood for the ordinary people. OBSERVER: He just melted into the crowd and he was gone. of British Columbia: It's absolutely extraordinary. You could look at him as unusually brave, but he probably wasn't. I'm going out and I'm just going to stand in front of that column." JAN WONG, Author and Journalist: The tank did not try to just run him over. And then the young man jumped in front of the tank.Bi Tasmania - Social and support group - 0401 054 003 Diversity Launceston - Diversity Launceston started as a street party for the GLBTIQ community.Now our friends, family and supporters join us to create a more diverse Tassie. Wellington Wanderers - GPO Box 1872, Hobart 7001 or email: [email protected] WIO run several peer support groups.Email: ECQLS East Coast Queer Life Support - Contact Peter on 0467 000 748 or email: [email protected] Radio 99.3 FM - Bent Air, Hobart's only queer radio show, every Thursday from 10-11am Launceston Lesbian Lounge - aims to effect changes in community attitudes and policies that ensure that sexual and gender diversity is acknowledged and valued, and encourages individuals to come out with pride and to live in their community with dignity as fully respected and participating members. Tasmania Police Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Liaison Officers - Contact if police treatment of LGBTI people is inappropriate not for the initial reporting of the crime. Contact WIO North or North West 0438 346 122 or [email protected] and WIO South on 6231 1200 or [email protected] Another Closet - This website is written for people in same-sex or LGBTIQ relationships who are or may be experiencing domestic violence.It contains information on what domestic violence is, what to do if you are experiencing abuse, tips for making a crisis plan and the details for some referral services in NSW.