Who is shontelle layne dating

07 Mar

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is a decided step away from its über-personal, melodrama-drenched predecessor.

Born on 4 October, 1985, she is better known by her first name, Shontelle which is also her professional name.The singer hasn't embraced—or exploited, depending on how you want to look at it—her Caribbean roots this much since her debut, and after hearing the entire album, her “loud” red hair and floral-pattern dresses make that much more sense.That's not to say there aren't traces of the R-rated Rihanna here.They're rampagingly sweet R&B songs, one about the solidarity of lust, one about the solidarity of friendship. The Guardian's Paul Lester was more negative, saying the album's lead single was horrible and that he preferred Rihanna to Shontelle, and labeled her a "wannabe hitmaker", citing "the bland lyrics" of "T-Shirt" being comparable to any R&B song. Crafted by a team of established hitmakers including Stargate and Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken, Shontelligence certainly has the potential to shift units in an age of disposable R&B.But considering Shontelle's high-achieving past, it's disappointing that the handful of shining moments are dimmed by a barrage of mediocrity.