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01 Feb

Former UFC fighter turned actress Gina Carano was first introduced to the Superman star Henry Cavill while filming for the Fast and Furious franchise in London.

Luke Evans, the villain of the movie introduced the both of them.

Once again the couples were inseparable throughout spring of 2014 and were seen frequently holding hands and going for hikes. And it seems like the actress is finally moving on with someone else.

After Cavill, Gina’s most recent love interest is rumored to be her Deadpool Co-star Ed Skrien.

And if that wasn’t enough, Marisa was clearly using Henry for the attention and fame, and yet, it took him MONTHS to realize this.

But alas, we should probably be happy he realized it at all.

Ross and Carano dated several years ago as Ross mentioned on Instagram.

He got her into kickboxing, which is how she got her start before going into MMA.

You are my inspiration, my best friend, my everything!!! The good-looking duo have kept a relatively low profile after they rekindled their romance in the fall of last year.The two were spotted sharing glasses of red wine on a romantic date in Rome in October 2013, which seemed to cement their status as on-again lovers.But alas, he’s done both these things recently, to the fury and disappointment of his legion of fans.For example, his recent girlfriend, Marisa Gonzalo, was a 21-year-old girl who would often post pictures about killing animals and then brag about it.