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17 Mar

See Level 85 Panty Smasher Friend1: How come we're stuck at this tech conference drinking beers with a bunch of suits and Pierre managed to get the Microsoft booth girls into a game of naked Dance Central back at his hotel room?

Friend2: Don't let the glasses and object oriented programming skills fool you.

Dating is difficult for just about anyone (that is, unless you’re Leonardo Di Caprio), and there are plenty of factors to figure in when choosing the right mate: looks, personality, demeanor, background, to name a few. It's probably not hard to believe, but romancing women in the Golden State just doesn’t compare to the city that never sleeps. Some of it has to do with proximity: you're just more likely to be around other people in New York City.

But the only thing that really matters is your willingness to put it all on the line. ​​Jax Taylor, a man with the reputation as reality TV’s ultimate playboy, has had to battle with dating girls more interested in 15 minutes of fame than an actual connection.

A gentleman who picks up girls regularly and defies popular norms in the west coast dating market.

Number of scores is inversely proportional to looks, status and money.

Seems to have the master pelvic garage door remote.

Also ranked, from 1 to the current level cap of 85.

Do most people on the west coast really have casual partner after casual partner with absolutely no intention of even co-habitating ? My friend commented that people just don't want to even have LTR in the west coast.

It’s kind of like talking to a wall."East Coast: “It’s cool here in New York. I’ve dated more than one girl at once, and I never thought in a million years they would agree to it. In New York, you know what you’re getting into right off the bat.

A rainstorm on Wednesday boosted the March precipitation total to second wettest on record.

Basically fling after fling after fling after awhil you lose count.... I havent met enough people on the west coast to make my own evaluation.

When I compare the midwest, I'm not talking small town USA.