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02 Mar

initially, the starter will only stay engaged for about 3 seconds at a time.it wont allow anymore (seems like this is by design, is it? but, eventually, you can throw a jumper box/cables on it and it will allow you to keep the starter spinning until your fingers hurt. if anyone want to catch up here is a link to the previous thread: summary: 2003 Silverado, auto trans, 4wd w/ 5.3Intermittent crank no start will continue until you get it started, then it will run like a top and start every time for the rest of the day.

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Is it ideal....you'll probably get years out of it yet with it just like it is. While I can fly the hair off of a million Black Hawk, I've never tackled something like that; but I'd really like to.

I'll check out some of the available repair manuals and see if they bestow confidence. Haynes manuals are the easiest to read and understand...

A number of techs have worked on it in the last 18 months or so. replaced with GM parts:2 PCMs (thought the first one was defective, so tried it again)crank sensorfuel pumpignition switchpasskey modulereplaced with oe equivalent: batterymafcodes that set on a regular basis: i initally figured these were "false" codes set by extended cranking, but found low voltage supply to sensor, and sometimes, not always they set within a couple of failed attempts to start. even though crank/no start, no spark, no pulse and no cranking rpms present.codes that set periodically: When this occurs, the crankshaft position sensor looses power from the ecm.

when/if it does eventually start, the ckp sensor only has about 3.2 volts.