Validating dynaactionform

08 May

Let us see how to use Dyna Action Form to manage the form data.

Dyna Action Form is also called as Dynamic Form Bean.

一個網站中會有許多的表單以供使用者填寫資料,越大型的網站越需要更多的 Action Form 物件來應付表單的取值,對於一些表單來說,Action Form只是單純的設值、取值行為,如果為每一個表單撰寫一個Action Form,那麼會是一件單純重複且無趣的行為,而且在維護上會更加困難。 對於一些單純的表單來說,您可以使用Dyna Action Form類別,您只要在struct-config.xml中設定好相關的設定,就可以自動生成 Action Form物件,這麼一來您可以集中在struct-config.xml中管理表單物件,也可以省去不是編碼與編譯的工夫。 下面是使用Dyna Action Form的一個例子: 標籤來設定,Dyma Action Form的type屬性希望得到的一個Java類別名稱,所以對於基本資料型態如int,必須以

Multiple validation forms with the same name indicate that validation logic is not up-to-date.

Although J2EE applications are not generally susceptible to memory corruption attacks, if a J2EE application interfaces with native code that does not perform array bounds checking, an attacker may be able to use an input validation mistake in the J2EE application to launch a buffer overflow attack.This can be quite a big plus if your application requires a lot of forms.However, as you’ll see later, dynamic forms also have a number of important shortcomings.Toward the end of this chapter, we’ll also look at a couple of recent additions to Struts (since Struts 1.2.6) that take the dynamic forms idea to the extreme.Using The only thing to note about nested properties is that you must ensure that the nested property finally resolves to one of the supported primitive types or Java classes listed earlier for simple properties.