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14 Apr

Results or credits earned from these programs can be used to validate a foreign bachelor's degree.A trustworthy credentials assessment service is a viable method for degree equivalency evaluation.One of the steps you can take to validate your bachelor's degree from a foreign country is garnering an assessment from an accredited U. This assessment from the officer must come from a recognized university or college that offers programs for granting the aforementioned credit based on your training and/or work experience. There are a number of recognized university-level equivalency examinations that can be taken.Two of those examinations are the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and the Program on Non-Collegiate Sponsored Instruction (PONSI).La Prensa: What type of degrees can be revalidated?What advantages do immigrants have by doing this procedure?The duration of the courses depends on the college or university, and leads to a Bachelor's degree (Fine Arts, Visual Communications, Interior Design, Liberal Studies, Criminal Justice, English, Environmental Studies, Human Services, Global Studies, History, Spanish Language and Culture, Psychology, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Communication, Hospitality and Tourism Administration, Sport Management, Nursing, Radiology Tuition fees for the undergraduate studies in Mexico depend upon the type of institution and course.Southwestern College and the South County Career Center offer “Using Your Foreign Degree in the United States,” a one-day class where students learn the often-confussing process of degree evaluation. degree, they’re on their way to a more fulfilling career.

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For those interested in obtaining an H-1B visa, or work visa for specialty occupations, as well as those who received a degree from a foreign university, validation of that degree is required.

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In Mexico, undergraduate studies normally last at least 4 years and are divided into semesters or quarters.

They often have completed a bachelors degree and worked for major companies in Mexico, but after migrating to the United States, due to language barriers and misinformation about the educational system here, these professionals have to settle for dead-end jobs. Immigrants have the option of having their foreign degrees evaluated by one of many U. S.”, gives all basic information immigrants need to start the degree evaluation process. Edwards-Li Pera: There is no specific office or government agency in charge of evaluations.

La Prensa San Diego met with Edwards-Li Pera to talk more about this important –and often confussing— topic. A quick search of the internet shows that there are hundreds of independent companies that provide foreign degree evaluation services.