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26 May

STEP 1 - Download the Sansa m200 Firmware Updater file and save it to your desktop. Double-click the downloaded file (sdmx3-iv001.exe). Slide the HOLD switch to the lock position (orange color will show). The Sansa e280 provides 8 GB for 0, or .25 per gig.Now Apple offers the same deal, and it's fair to assume that direct competition from San Disk is the reason.I can drag and drop new tunes and they'll show up in the directory.

But if this doesn't help, I'm sure someone in this forum has one and can help you. I got a used e280 today in the mail from e BAY and it's got tunes already on it which I am super eager to get RID of a.s.a.p.

Disconnect your Sansa m200 from the PC after the firmware has been successfully downloaded. Slide the HOLD switch to the unlock position (orange color not showing).

I have the E280 and I have some music on it that I want to delete. I tried looking at an owner's manual online but it doesn't have the 280; tried looking at another model but this didn't help. Also, the music that I want to delete does not show up when I connect it to my computer (have tried changing USB modes,too) so I can't do it that way.

In fact, until recently, when Apple updated the i Pod line, San Disk was the champ.

Apple's i Pod nano topped off at 4 GB and sold for 9, or .25 per gigabyte.