Updating phone loads in 2811

30 Mar

Detailed instructions for this step are out of scope but an example would be: Step 3: Change the boot statements to ensure that the correct IOS loads after restart We need to remove the old boot statement(s) and add the new one.

(There are other ways to select which IOS to run but this is the simplest method.)a.

updating phone loads in 2811-62updating phone loads in 2811-45updating phone loads in 2811-7

I have several hundred Cisco 7900 series IP phones, (7911, 7942, and 7962 models) that have been sitting on the shelf as replacement stock for several years.

However, the file is there, and the router IS serving it.

I started with testing the TFTP server using the built in Windows TFTP client.42 1.700691000 TFTP 69 Read Request, File: P00308010200.loads, Transfer type: octet 43 1.724087000 TFTP 507 Data Packet, Block: 1 (last) 44 1.725094000 TFTP 60 Acknowledgement, Block: 1 (the file you download and the file the phone downloaded are different.)The file the phone downloaded may not be correct (i.e.

Hello all, I have a couple of 7960's hanging out that I've been trying to setup on a 2811 running CME.

I've got my 2811 configured, but when my phones reboot and go to pull their firmware, I get TFTP file not found.