Stop updating intellisense who is nas dating

26 May

For large C translation units (and most of the ones that you care about are going to be large), Intelli Sense PCH is vital to ensuring fast Intelli Sense.

Getting your PCH settings right are also vital to having fast builds – so getting this right can potentially be a boon on two fronts.

In the editor Syntax errors are still identified by squigglylines and warnings still show in the Error pane although the fixes were made minutes earlier.

The realtime processes that updated these tools used to work in realtime, now the just appear broken and they are just creating confusion.

I've tried to look at VS's thread stack trace and the cause indeed seems to be (Intellisense?

This hotfix also includes the ability to control Intellisense via Macros. As for making SP1 more friendly for existing code, you might also check out this hotfix for template compilation: Rename "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\vcpackages\feacp.dll" to something else (like "feacp.bak") to disable Intellisense. When it works, it's great, but more often than not it will cause more problems than it's worth.

You can turn off an Intelli Sense option by default and invoke it through a menu command or keystroke combination.

Even when an Intelli Sense option is on by default, you can explicitly invoke it.

Was a tough one to fix (lost over four hours) as would have expected the tools and compiler to point me to the true issue but message was only telling me what end result was not what failed or where it failed.

Just exposing the components or references in the error (details) would have really helped. ---I do still have several issues that have been around for years tho, like one of my products building fine for days and then suddenly again refusing to build until you clean solution, clean every subproject, stop iis express, restart vs2013, wipe obj and bin folders, sometimes this still does not help!