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17 Feb

He was the grandson of an Indian princess Suppadevi from Vanga in northern India who had been abducted by an amorous lion, Simha, and son of their incestuous and half-leonine offspring, Sinhabahu & Sinhasivali.Along with 700 of his followers, perhaps from Kalinga (Orissa), Vijaya arrived in Lanka, and established himself as ruler with the help of Kuveni, a local demon-worshiping princess.

Vestiges of this ancient civilization are abundantly extant today. Rama's quest to save his abducted wife, Sita, from Ravanna, the demon god of Lanka, is, according to some scholars, a poetic account of the early southward expansion of Brahmanic civilization.Muslims comprise nearly 7% of Sri Lanka's population.In ancient times Arab traders from the Middle East visited the southern part of Sri Lanka for their business and later settled in the island.If you are in a quest of a perfect life partner, you have arrived at the right place.Just register with us and start your search, it's totally free !