Spanking chat from mothers

11 Apr

Exactly on time in spite of a last minute dash to the loo. Fresh clean ones taken 20 minutes ago from her drawer. She wanted to go back to the loo again, though of course nothing would come. And certainly better than being expelled, as I am sure you will agree.'Fiona didn't necessarily agree with that; being expelled might well be preferable. Where the clock on Philip Branton's mantlepiece registered 4.04. Which frequently made a girl start when she glanced at it, imagining that she was late for her appointment. It was in fact exactly 4 o'clock as his door opened to admit a nervous looking Fiona Mayfield. A soft, vulnerable mouth that would shortly be opening in agony. Quite possibly, he thought, there might also be that sudden urge to visit the bathroom.'Yes. And your mother a very attractive woman.' Mr Branton leant forward slightly. They agreed with me that a caning was very much in order. You can appreciate that I should have thought.''I... If one girl gets away with it all the others will think they can follow. Sophie was sat beside the window which had the heavy rain lashing against it and outside the rain was bouncing off the ground.In addition, the wind buffeted against the windows, sounding like an air raid siren.I was 30 years old and for the first time in my life I was going to tell a girlfriend that I wanted to spank her. And I knew that telling her might mean the immediate death of our relationship, but I also knew we’d never be perfect together unless I looked into her pretty blue eyes and told this sweet, innocent, beautiful woman that I had a spanking fetish.Let me clarify something: I’m not “into” spanking the way you might be “into” Celine Dion or “The Bourne Identity.” Spanking is a part of my psyche, an essential element of my sexuality.

A 10-stone weakling if he set his mind to it could certainly have a girl howling for mercy. She felt desperate to pee but there was only a little trickle tinkling into the bowl. She came to an uncertain stop in front of his desk. Slimmer than her mother of course who in her 39 years (worked out from data on Fiona's application form) had put on just a little weight. That is always my practice, when I intend to cane a girl.'A pause. A frenzied yanking down of her freshly clean white knickers and then perching her bottom on the seat. A girl wanted clean knickers on if Mr Branton was going to.... But if she said 'Sir, I need to go to the loo' it would at least postpone matters for perhaps five minutes. And right now, of all times, was not the time to annoy Mr Branton. A nice shape too, in the demure white blouse and grey skirt with white heels and stockings which comprised the more formal wear for girls at Greentops Finishing School. But Fiona...'As you will know, Fiona, I have had your parents here earlier this afternoon. Unlike her friend, Hannah Anderson, who had cute freckles, Sophie was riddled with acne.At present, Sophie was desperately trying to get her homework assignment finished which should have been handed in on Monday, but was given a one day extension. She was wearing a woolly jumper over her school uniform.