Proxy servers updating

27 Apr

A proxy acts as an intermediary between your computer and the Internet.

It intercepts all requests to the Internet to see if it can fulfill the request using its cache.

For security reasons, some customer environments require direct control over the distribution and installation of periodic signature updates for signature services such as Gateway Anti Virus, Intrusion Prevention, and Data Loss Prevention.

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In an enterprise, there might be devices in a private network that might be restricted from connecting to the Internet directly for security reasons.In such scenarios, you can configure a proxy server in the private network to connect to the LMS and download the license updates, and have the routers or devices in the private network connect to the proxy server to download the licenses or license updates.In Figure 1, R0 is the router in the private network.Proxy Server represents the proxy server, and LMS represents the Juniper Networks License Management System. To quickly configure this example, copy the following commands, paste them into a text file, remove any line breaks, change any details necessary to match your network configuration, and then copy and paste the commands into the CLI at the The following example requires you to navigate various levels in the configuration hierarchy.For information about navigating the CLI, see the CLI User Guide.