Paulina gretzky dating jarret stoll

14 Feb

She’s certainly a nice friend to keep – and hot tub with.

(That picture was posted to her Instagram and then deleted a few hours later.) Paulina was hanging out with Paul Bissonnette before the Stanley Cup.

It is quite possible, that every hockey player in the NHL is simply taking turns watching out for Wayne’s daughter out of respect for The Great One.

When you think about it, this could be nothing more than a multinational babysitting network.

This weekend she tweeted this picture of Stoll, the Cup and a friend with a fake cup hanging out.

Which would be big news because Stoll just won the Cup with the Kings and Gretzky has nearly broken the Internet several times already.

The Great One’s Great One shared the photos on her Instagram account but, as she is wont to do, later deleted them. Remember, Wayne previously made Paulina cool it with the Twitter use because the pictures she was sharing were distracting civilization from progressing, or something.

To call some of these guys ‘playboys’ would be an understatement.

But Erin Andrews’ tweet-announcement (pictured below) over the holidays of her new relationship with Jarret Stoll, centreman for the Stanley Cup champion L. Kings, might have finally made one hockey title official: “Biggest ‘player’ In The NHL.” It’s a win Stoll seems ready to walk away with as easily as…well, as some of the puck bunnies.