Online dating foto site nicaragua

04 Feb

Basically, the eyes are the most important part of your dating photo.

Don’t: Use the flash on your camera (unless you’re a pro) My pet hate is photos taken with an on-camera flash.

So I was only in Managua for a total of 23 days – which was fine. It’s not pretty by any stretch of the imagination and there’s really not any center to speak of. You can really have fun with some Nicaraguan girls in Managua on the cheap.

Now most travelers completely skip Managua, as there is nothing touristy or backpacker-wise to do in the city. However, this presents a great opportunity for the aspiring playboy.

When the flash sits so close to the lens it causes problems like “red-eye” and also creates a really horrible, unflattering light on the face.

Red-eye is actually a bigger problem for dating photos than you might think.