Olympic swimmer ryan lochte dating

09 Apr

Ryan Lochte may have been blown out of the water by longtime rival Michael Phelps in Thursday night's 200-meter individual medley at the Rio Olympics, but at least he has a gorgeous girlfriend to console him.Anybody paying attention to Olympic Twitter – either in real-time or on delay, both are good – probably noticed an uptick in "Michael Phelps likes to get kinky" type jokes when the swimmer first took off his robe and showed the entire world his nice collection of big purple dots all over his body.When asked if his Team USA teammate Michael Phelps would compete, he responded, "I guarantee he will be there. Before the race, Lochte posted a pic of himself with Phelps while they loaded up on carbs.Lochte also spoke with Matt Lauer in an interview that ran on Today Monday morning to give his third version of the events that happened at a Rio gas station last Sunday were he said he had been robbed at gunpoint.'I was upset that we got pulled out of the taxi for something. I had one too many.' 'I wanted to be there, like I don't want them to think that I left and left them dry. I made a mistake and one thing I did learn, I learnt a lot from it and I know that this will never happen again.'Bentz released a statement shortly after being questioned by Brazilian authorities saying that Lochte was the ringleader in the situation, tearing a poster off a wall and arguing with armed security guards at the gas station.While there's no way of actually knowing how much sex is actually taking place in and around the Olympic Village, one thing is for sure: There are tons of really good-looking people in one place right now.There are gorgeous locals, tourists looking for a good time, But just how many dongs will go into places where a condom is necessary?These pictures seem to show breaststroke or dog paddle, although it may also be possible that the movements have a ritual meaning unrelated to swimming. The most famous drawings were found in the Kebir desert and are estimated to be from around 4000 B. The Nagoda bas-relief also shows swimmers dating back from 3000 B. Swimming competitions are also known from that time.

'It just kind of happened, but now that I have someone it is stability and it is nice,' said the chiseled Team USA veteran.

He has this mental focus where he can just shut the entire world out and perform even when millions are watching. He is kind, humble and, of course, unbelievably good looking.” Lochte once told “Extra’s” Mario Lopez he was ready to settle down.

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is setting the record straight on his love life after being linked to Playboy Playmate Kayla Rae Reid.

In 1538 Nicolas Wynman, German professor of languages, wrote the first swimming book, "Colymbetes".

Competitive swimming in Europe started around 1800, mostly using breaststroke.