Old moms on cam chat tube

15 Feb

Kelly, a political science professor at Pusan National University in South Korea, was being interviewed by the BBC about the very serious impeachment of South Korea’s democratically-elected President Park Geun-hye.The chat was going well when all of a sudden a jolly toddler burst into the room, determined to get some camera time.April is expected to give birth to her fourth calf in the coming days.LIVE Feed: GIRAFFE CAMYou've been watching and waiting..waiting and watching, and the day has finally arrived! We had been been checking the live cam at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, N. The growing giraffe family has become an internet sensation, with views from around the globe.

“What this has done is pulled an educational tool away from tens of millions of individuals. You have harmed the species’ survival more than you could ever recognize,” a zoo official said on a Facebook live video after the takedown.“We want the best for these animals and would love to have them in their natural environment someday; but until we can protect their natural habitat and curb poaching, that is not going to happen.” He then asserts that activists should instead donate to local charities that promote conservation.Despite the controversy, Animal Adventure Park says that once birth is “imminent, when hooves are visible,” it will again put up a live stream — whether it will be on Facebook or You Tube remains unclear.She is pacing up and down in her enclosure and looks a little tired.But her army of fans are glad that they can keep an eye on her progress after the animal park’s live cam went down a couple of days ago.