Old fashioned girls for dating

14 Apr

Sure, it might be uncommon nowadays, but is it for a man to look at dating through a more traditional lens?

This comment seemed to imply that going “back in time” is a bad thing, presumably because our culture has made many gains in terms of gender equality.

Over the years, dating has become somehow a colder affair, than it used to be.

No one wants to go back to chaperones, the strict dating rules and etiquette of yesteryear, but have we gone too far the other way and made dating such a casual thing that it has lost some of the special romantic qualities, that going on a date used to have.

This was much more romantic, than receiving a text saying, ‘I’m here’ from your date sitting comfortably in his car or desperately trying to find each other at a busy location where you have arranged to meet. Bringing flowers on a date Another tradition that we’ve lost, particularly on a first date, is the bringing of flowers or other gifts by a guy for his date. A text with a smiley face or a Facebook message can hardly be called romantic, just meeting for a coffee and a chat would be a lot nicer. Calling a date a date Another modern development is that people seem to feel the need to avoid calling a date a date. Why not make things clearer and, if it’s a date, then call it a date and make it something special, like it used to be? Making an effort with appearance Dressing for a date used to be a part of the overall experience.

I don't know if thats old fashioned but it seems to be as you don't see it much anymore. I am a girly girl who works hard, has a mind of her own, and I am responsable.

So, if you're looking for a woman who can definitely contribute to the household, she'd be it. Since the 1880s involved a very strict courtship rule set, one single dick pic would be enough to make her run for the hills, grab her father, and have her father shoot you.

Flipping out at her would also lead to fisticuffs with any old-fashioned men nearby.

She is looking for a MANBut real Women are few and far between because Old Fashioned means She is a REAL LADY. So yes girls like that do exist (prime example i guess... Seems that when you think of 'old fashioned girls' images of the primpy and obedient June Cleaver come to mind. The only way to know for sure is to get to know someone.

) and I'm not sure if men still want that type of girl, but i could be very wrong on this one! -P) I'm sure there are some of them around...question is where C. Judging a book by its cover doesn't serve one well.