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27 Feb

“The big question is: ‘What’s happening at Garrison?

’” Fermanagh and Omagh District Council said it has not received a letter from Leitrim County Council on the issue.

Neighbouring brigades are not in attendance at the moment but crews from Leitrim and Donegal did provide assistance last night.

Speaking to Ocean FM this afternoon, Director of Services at Sligo County Council, Tom Kilfeather, says the fire is currently under control.

MYSTERY surrounds the presence of foam on Lough Melvin.

Northern Ireland Water has said there is “no evidence to suggest” that the foam has been caused by pollution from the Garrison waste water treatment works but Leitrim Councillor Justin Warnock has called for questions to be asked of water officials in Fermanagh.

We can hardly believe it ourselves as we head toward our 18th Topflight Today Fm Ski Trip, with the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show.

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