Nicky whelan david spade dating

26 Mar

She hit the spotlight after appearing as Pepper Steiger in the Australian soap opera “Neighbours”.

Speaking of her marital status, Kerry Rhodes married Nicky Whelan in 2017.

(Pictured: David Spade with model Jillian Grace and their daughter Harper)I’m still upset I missed this Jillian Grace book signing: Dresses Well Paparazzi follow Spade constantly and yet you almost never see a down-and-out photo of him.

He always looks like he is either coming from or going to a party.

Nicky started her career hosting a number of shows including Melbourne Woman (Seven Network), Coxy’s Big Break (Seven Network), Beyond the Boundary (Network Ten), etc.She also shot some photos for Harrow's 'It's Up to All of Us' campaign.At the event, she confirmed that after Neighbours, she had been in discussions over feature films.Through further inspection, I found out that this lovely lady was Nicky Whelan who is in Owen Wilson's latest flick "Hall Pass".Through even more inspection, I learned that although she's currently Guns N Rose's DJ Ashba, she used to date David Spade!