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28 Mar

I tend to ignore anything that the Trendy Kids are doing these days; Chat Roulette is a good example. but still insisted that we turned up for work every day and sat at our desks.

But in essence (for the benefit of anyone reading over the age of 30): you visit a website and are connected (at random) to someone else who has also visited the site. At any time you (or the other party) can end the conversation, whereupon you are connected to someone else. But the most interesting bit is that you are encouraged to use your webcam, as is the other party. The naive reader may think that this would be a good way to meet new people and have deep and meaningful conversation. They even maintained that we wrote weekly reports, even though mine said: “This week: dicked about. When head office would finally throw us out, and drive down with their van to empty the building … And we are left in an office full of computers and games consoles with precious little to do.

Twitter upped its game with its first TV commercial and curated hashtags for brands, while revealing it's mobile ad revenue have overtaken desktop PCs.

Microsoft showcased its i Pad rival 'Surface', but was forced into an embarrassing U-Turn on its proposed plans to make 'Do Not Track' the default option for its next IE browser, after much outcry from advertisers.

Best from all @ Digital As digital technology becomes ever-more entrenched in modern life, just how deeply has it impacted traditional media, and what are the next trends?

(This article is published with the kind permission of my former partners-in-crime, who aren’t that fussed about repercussions now that they all have new jobs to go to.) It started as a Friday-lunchtime pub conversation. Now start to think about the sort of people who are allowed to buy computers these days. The freaks you’ll meet on Chat Roulette after about twenty minutes would eclipse the “unsuitable for TV” parts of the entire back catalogue of Jeremy Kyle. ” “Like, one half of the conversation is talking about meeting deadlines, and the other is dressed in a guinea-pig costume and wanking feverishly? And if we all had work to do, that’s where it would have ended.

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