Lycos dating site

21 Feb

In 1979, school loans and financial aid programs were very limited and with the co-op program, I was able to work two full-time jobs to get me through school. One of my school jobs was at IBM, where I worked in a sales office for six months as an intern.It was a unique opportunity, as it gave me a first-look experience in the tech industry, which just coming on the scene at that point in time.He was the Founder and CEO of Lycos, which at one point was the most visited website on the planet.He took Lycos public in record time and built a dominant company back in the web 1.0 era.

As a founder and an investor, Bob Davis has been there from the beginning of the internet.

After college, IBM told me I had too much a “babyface” to work in sales and wanted me to become a systems engineer.

I dug out the help wanted section in The Boston Globe and found a position as a salesman in the data communications division at GE selling printing and communications equipment to computer manufacturers.

Here’s my interview with the General Manager for France, Arnaud Jonglez. At that time, [email protected] was the very first dating service allowed to be featured on TV in France. Now a lot of internet dating companies go on TV but at that time they were the first ones. Since Match decided to invest in the French market in 2006, we did 3 big TV campaigns, one in Q3/Q4 2006, one in Q1 in 2007 and the other one last summer.

- Mark Brooks What did you do before joining Match and how long have you been with Match? We created some very nice TV spots that were custom made for the French market and focused on the long-term relationship.