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08 May

But his book is more than just the story of a quest for the Grail he wholly reinterprets the Grail legend.Set seventeen years after the events of the manga: Yugo is a king, Chibi and Grougal are teenagers, their friends include a kleptomaniac and a Iop, and the lost Goddess Eliatrope is caught in a spacetime trap.A documentary looking at the life, films, and troubled times of America's first sex symbol, screen actress Clara Bow, featuring interviews and archive footage.

She is also the first witness to the resurrection of Jesus, the only one to stick around his burial site after all the other disciples had left, obviously grieving over the loss of someone whose life was so intertwined with her own.Born into poverty in Brooklyn, Clara Bow had a troubled childhood with a schizophrenic mother and an alcoholic father who raped her when she was a teenager.Without any formal education or dramatic training, her real break came when she won a "search for a star" competition with the prize of a supporting role in a silent film.Thereafter she retired to become a recluse, at first living with her husband on a ranch near Las Vegas; and when he died of a heart- attack, moving to a modest bungalow in a suburb of Los Angeles.Her films were virtually forgotten; and it was only when she died in 1965 at the comparatively young age of 60 that people remembered her.