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16 Mar

This book concurs with my observations while visiting Hiroshima; that the people who survived were not angry or looking for revenge, just wanting us all to know that this should never happen again.The Effects of an Atomic Bomb This book tells the stories of the "Hiroshima Maidens".In Lima's poorest districts, bands of citizens have assembled through social media to fight crime, often employing brutal tactics.But are they any different than the gangsters they target?

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Influential evangelical pastors have urged Ugandan legislators to reintroduce the law since it was quashed.A march took place in an undisclosed location, with people holding information posters and playing music about being gay in Uganda.They kept the exact location under wraps because of concerns about safety.“Bad Black", pictured above, who was born male but prefers to be identified as a trans-woman, stood out for me.Despite the daily barrage of insults because of her feminine style of dressing, she still manages to make friends around her amid a climate of hate.