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13 May

Catalog Interactive catalog of dutch clay pipe marks from Gouda.

Information about the claypipe makers marks has been extracted from the digital version of 'Goudse pijpenmakers en hun merken' (see: next item).

This type of bowl seems to have been the result of the influence of a Dutch pipe type — brought over by the troops of William III at the time of the English Revolution in 1668 — on the traditional barrel-shaped English pipe bowl.

Oswald dates this type to about 1680-1730, noting that in England it occurs in the West Country (that is, the Bristol area) and in London and the Home Counties.

The authors conclude that it is highly likely that these pipes were manufactured and distributed within a colonial market system.

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Historical archeologists excavating English colonial sites often find pieces of white clay smoking pipes on their sites. The earliest pipes, dating to about 1600, had stems with 9/64-inch diameter bores.We are in the final stages of processing the 2015 Fort Hunter collection and have begun to inventory the artifacts.As described in our Processing the Fort Hunter Collection blog the inventory process includes, “adding a description of each artifact or group of like artifacts into the digital inventory by catalog number, and bag and box them carefully to insure their preservation for long-term curation.Binford's straight-line regression formula based on Harrington's work (Maxwell and Binford 1961: 107-9; Binford 1962: 19-21), however, was applied to the various layers in order to obtain comparative evidence.The order of layers in this casemate from top to bottom runs from Layer 1 to Layer 12, inclusive.