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23 Mar

Yes, Gangsta Granny saw Robbie Williams reduced even further in star status to a hammy bit part in a rather dry, never-ending CBeebies-style drama.And don’t start me on the plodding, growingly obscure Hootenanny – those buggers should all work on New Year’s Eve and deliver an actual live atmosphere or not do it at all.Take Me Out – the show where 30 single ladies battle for one wazzock with a party trick, or even better, a video message from his mam – is the greatest ITV Saturday night format of the past decade.

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"Cold Blooded" March 12, 2008 It's the penultimate week of The Gauntlet III and everyone is worried about how things will play out.

I felt an allegiance to them; that feeling you get when great things happen to people you really like. And along with Lena, another star of "Girls" was Jemima Kirke.

She's the daughter of Simon Kirke, the drummer for the rock band Bad Company.

I'm a strong-willed girl who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go for.

Casey volunteered to take Coral's place and was eliminated by Evelyn.