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As educators and students, we share a dual responsibility and opportunity to provide and pursue the best education possible. The Design Community is a unique living arrangement for architecture and interior design students who have been admitted to the College of Architecture and Design.The term “studio” refers to a series of specific, uniquely structured courses as well as a physical place founded on an educational ideal: the belief in an environment that fosters critical thinking—the forming and testing of ideas. As a freshman on campus, the transition to a large university can be quite intimidating.The world's attitude toward North Korea tends to swing between playful mocking and genuine horror.Like dictatorships before it — namely, Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia — North Korea tends to embody that range of emotion through its architecture.How much does it cost to attend the College of Architecture and Design?Learn about our costs at our Costs Financial Aid page. All applicants must submit a portfolio of personally produced graphic or visual work.

Phillip Baumann designed this three winged palace within the surroundings of the Tiergarten grounds.Featuring its sparkling white finish and Baroque structure, the Schloss embodies the characteristics of absolute political power the third Reich government and in particular, Hitler, yearned for. It can also be hard to get used to being surrounded by tall skyscrapers.In a country that keeps so much under wraps, the architecture ends up speaking volumes.Schloss Bellevue The Schloss Bellevue is a palace built in Berlin for Prince August Ferdinand of Prussia.