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08 Mar

Wieliczka Salt Mine Wieliczka may be the oldest working salt mine in the world, but it's most famous for the various statues, mythical figures and works of art carved directly into its walls by generations of miners. Malbork Castle Situated on the banks of the Nogat River in Northern Poland, this gigantic brick castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best-preserved medieval fortified monasteries in existence.

Highlights include a replica of Leonardo's The Last Supper and the cavernous Chapel of St. It's also the largest castle in the world in terms of surface area, and paying it a visit ranks as a Poland travel 2015 essential!

Yes, I am working for the Archdiocese of Krakow’s Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for World Youth Day in the Communications Department on the International Social Media team…wow, that’s a mouth full! Working on an international social media team has been an eye opener.

When you have to share the message of WYD with the world and think about 22 languages with multiple time zones, it definitely stretches your mind to think globally every day. Before I graduated college I was thinking about all the possibilities for what I could do after college, and volunteering for WYD was one of them.

So essentially you have to bring someone with you who speaks Polish so you can understand what documents you need.

Then that person also has to go with you to get those documents in various places.

So it’s a big time commitment and it often takes 2-3 months to sort everything out.

They definitely don’t make it easy and they don’t make you feel at ease either.

You are now married to a Polish citizen – has this been helpful in any way when it comes to formalities in Poland?