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23 Mar

She has ‘Flea Market Flip’ — and she’s going to go back to that world. Michael’s the star.” “GMA” spokeswoman Heather Riley insisted that Strahan isn’t being groomed for Stephanopoulos’ seat. Of course George will be focused on politics, and no one is being groomed to take his place.

She is also a correspondent for Nightline and ABC News.

She was seen on air this morning as Robin Roberts announced the move to viewers Only public reaction: This was Lara Spencer on GMA on Wednesday morning as the hosts discussed Michael Strahan joining them full time in September.

She did not say anything during the segment - but the other three co-hosts, Amy Robach, Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos all did The show currently has six anchors - Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, Spencer, Amy Robach, Ginger Zee and Strahan - but it is Strahan's move to a full-time anchor role which has caused the crisis.

“Lara could be out, and George will be seen less at the main anchor desk with Robin Roberts. Michael doesn’t want to do news — he’s not going to cover Libya or Brexit.

Instead, Michael will be appearing more while George focuses on politics and hard news.” Strahan joins full time in September. Amy does the news well, and they need a newscaster.

No reason was given for the sudden absence and it is now unclear when she will return to the work, with multiple sources at ABC telling Daily Mail Online that Ripa is refusing to turn up to work until Strahan leaves the show.

The sources claimed Ripa was blindsided by the decision to move Strahan, adding that the company thinks the success of Good Morning America is more important than Live, and had grown concerned as GMA has become increasingly threatened by NBC's Today in recent months.'And I know that the show will continue to be strong and great because of Kelly and Michael Gellman [the executive producer] and the staff here because everybody here is so talented.

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