Gay man tired of internet dating

02 Feb

If you’re not connected to the Internet, go to the library and use their machines. But the whole dating site scene is getting old, right? If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times “There’s no one to date where I am! If you’re connected (meaning you’ve got Internet access), are you searching for and checking out all the dating sites? More from Your Tango: Dating Advice From Your Tango Let’s just get dating sites out of the way first. Many focus on our LGBT needs, desires and fetishes including transgender folk, bears, butches, femmes, tops, bottoms and everyone else in-between.Bars and clubs in the US tend to be more for fun than the future and not everyone wants to combine their romantic and professional lives.But there is one place where it is possible to make that long-term dream a reality – and that’s online. Being LGBT means being extra special, but it also means being extra hard to find … It’s not always fun; it’s not always productive and though it’s interesting to meet that bottom boy in Alaska online, that’s a hook-up that won’t happen if you live in Miami.I alternate between wanting a boyfriend and just wanting to be single—every time I decide I want a boyfriend, I meet some guy and get my expectations up, only to be disappointed.

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The downside is that, instead of staying on track with smart dating rules like "target the right guys," you opt for the more broad-based and democratic "ready, fire, aim later" strategy.

Before dating burnout sends your love life up in flames, follow these four guidelines to chill out before your next date: To some degree, dating is, and always will be, a numbers game. But it’s how you play the game — by adjusting your expectations and attitude — that allows you to feel good as you’re playing.