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29 Apr

How would you like to have your dog minded by a fully-screened, caring family who will welcome them into their home and spoil them so that you can enjoy your holiday more without having to worry?

LEARN MOREPerhaps you have a number of different pets or just feel more comfortable having your best friend at home.

also any discrimation, racial or otherwise, will not be tolerated.

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It caters to furries, humans, and everything in-between regardless of species or orientation.

Take your horses and riders on trail rides to relax, enroll in specialty training clinics, or host your own shows and auctions. From our active forum to our thriving Roleplay community, you'll build friendships that can last a lifetime.

Build your stable by adding barns, pastures, arenas, and crop fields. Engaging strategic gameplay and social interactive fun will keep you entertained for hours.

Horse Eden Eventing is a online horse SIM game focused on Eventing, that is free to join. The best of the best can reach International level and compete in the Horse Eden World Games.

Train, breed, and show your virtual horses in dressage, show jumping, and cross country. Our game horses have advanced color genetics and inheritable traits that are passed down to their offspring.