Fantasy role play chat bot how to pick a dating site username

04 Apr

Another option would be to save the context from M1 in each pair e.g.

(M1-R1), (M1R1M2-R2), (M1R1M2R2M3-R3) - but then the length of the training sentences will increase (a lot) - leading to more memory allocating during training and I would probably need to decrease my network (fewer neurons in each layer).

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When you want to train a chat AI, you need to train it in the context where you want it to behave. Many adventure games were just text and the player was typing what they wanted to do ("go west", "take broom", "talk to bob", "give broom to bob"...). Ask yourself what's more convenient to the player: Typing out the sentence "I feel honored to take on this great quest and rescue the princess from the evil wizard" or to just click on it.

You can also contact one of the companies which work in that area and license their technology. A natural language AI must be trained to be able to create the illusion of conversations about certain topics.

Most of the well-known chatbots like Cleverbot are crowdsourced.

Meet the great number of topics such as anime, comics, high school, romance, apocalypse, vampire, otaku, minecraft, pokemon, doctor who, my little pony, furry, naruto, one piece, homestuck, creepypasta and so much more.

First, you choose your style - free form, semi-lit, advanced lit.