Error updating the password file

15 Mar

Yes, updating a password file in a Data Guard environment isn’t as straight forward as one might think.In this posting I will shed some light on this subject and show you how to properly update a password file in a Data Guard environment.In a previous posting I wrote about password file maintenance in a clustered ASM and RAC environment.This article raised another question: Is there anything specific about password file maintenance in a Data Guard environment?Other operating systems allow the use of environment variables to specify the name and location of the password file.

Apparently the password change didn’t affect the redo transport.We can easily figure this out by triggering an update to the password file on peppi followed by querying the password file on kokki.user, or another user if configured, of the primary database.--gecos Descriptive string for the given user (usually the user's full name). If the name does not exist in the specified output-file, an entry will be created for her. This option requires that the --name and --passwd options be used, but no others.--gid Primary group ID for this user (optional, will default to given --uid value if absent) -h Displays this message --help --home Home directory for the user (required) --des Use the DES algorithm for encrypting passwords. --md5 Use the MD5 algorithm for encrypting passwords. This also double-checks the given password against the user's current password in the existing passwd file, and requests that a new password be given if the entered password is the same as the current password.