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28 Feb

- The content and the whole site must be centered - This is the site kind of site I am after: - This design I like for a webcam site, but it doesn't respect the color scheme: This design is very important to be high quality - no logo is necessary - I would like you to use icons, wherever you can, they are important in user interface.

- The main colors will be black and red - you choose the exact colour, you are the pro.

We have our own custom CMS engine, that has only the options you need for your specific website (less code - faster function), and is very SEO friendly. Please do not post adult pictures here, because it's against Sitepoint's TOS.You may choose what icon packages you like from here ( and I will pay for them.We have designed all these types of sites before and we are able to design all variations of adult type websites for you.Like every business the adult industry on the web is there to make money, due to the competitiveness and nature of the material involved in adult websites you will find that companies offering adult web design and adult web hosting will charge more than for standard sites and as the main reason and purpose of owning and running an adult website is to make some money, it’s important that your site will have ecommerce functionality built in meaning the customer will be able to make online payments into your account.