Debra messing who is she dating

30 Jan

An insider tells Us that Messing has fallen for actor Will Chase, her costar (their characters share a romantic past! “Debra and Will have been together for about six weeks,” says the insider.

“She is completely smitten with him.” And while the relationship is still new, it’s already serious.

Lafave: The first time that it happened was in school. In order to make a man, guy, boy happy—I had to do my part, which was pleasing him in that way.

She says to fully understand her, you have to go back years to her childhood in a small town near Tampa, Fla. And, Debra says, there’s a trauma buried in her past. I’m assuming she just thought we were messing around. Lafave: I kind of developed this idea that it was my role. Lafave: At that point, I had already tried to commit suicide twice, too. Lauer: You know (a) Is she blaming him for how this started?

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Last week, we discussed the impending divorce between Debra Messing and her husband of ten years, television producer Daniel Zelman.

A beautiful blonde 23-year-old, Debra Lafave seduced a 14-year-old boy.

"The Wedding Date" centers around Kat Ellis (Messing), who returns to her parents' London home for her sister's wedding.

Her mother would later write a long account of Debra's childhood—a litany of phobias, panic attacks and obsessions. Lauer: Well you say, “She let us off the hook.” I mean what did you do wrong? Lafave: Well, she had no clue that I was being raped. Lauer: So I mean as an outsider looking in, life was a bit of a mess. Lafave: I think he just became very flirtatious and you gotta remember that at that period in my time—or in my life I didn’t feel like an adult. Lauer: I would imagine there are parents watching right now Debbie and— Lafave: Yeah. She just said that he became very flirtatious.” Lafave: Um-hm (affirms).

But it soon became apparent that Debbie was a very complicated little girl. Lauer: Were you one of these girls that people would walked up on to the street and say, “You should model. Lauer: So how did we go from this kind of innocent Sea World trip, field trip with your husband right there and the student there to something more? You should know more than he would know, I imagine, how these dots got connected. I mean what created this bond between the two of you?

She wasn’t the first teacher—or the last—to be busted for a liaison with an underage student, but her case created an international sensation. Lauer: So why do you think you got all the attention? Lauer: I’ll say it: Do you think it’s because you’re pretty? Lauer: 14-year-old boy, very attractive 23-year-old teacher.

There was a teacher arrested two days after me, and I saw her on TV once. In her first-ever television interview, Debra Lafave will take us step by step through the whole affair. Behind the pretty face and the hourglass figure, Behind the lurid details of the case, she says there was a deeply troubled young woman with a lifetime of problems that finally led to a terrible crack-up— and a crime tailor-made for the tabloids.