Dating your friends mom

13 Apr

You hope she will ask for your number because you’d really like to hang out again. This time around, Darlington will use the app she and partner Beth Bryan created, Mom Co — which launched in the San Diego area in February — to find compatible mom friends.

But as the years have gone on — Darlington’s son is now 7— many of those friends have moved away. I feel like I am starting over,” Darlington, 34, told TODAY Parents.

I’d married young, at 19, and my only child Oli was born very soon afterwards. My only subsequent relationship lasted 15 years and I’d been contentedly single for a year when Oli’s old schoolfriend Theo — tall, blond and just 20 — breezed into my life.

Let’s, instead, discuss a way that daddy can be used as both a term of endearment and an actual reference to dads: Folks who have crushes on their friends’ dads.

Here, India, who runs an outdoor activities company in Totnes, Devon, her son Oli, 26, an assistant film director from London, and his best friend and India’s partner of seven years, Theo Young, 27, who also works for the company, reveal how it threw all of their lives into turmoil...

Never in my life have I entered recklessly or impulsively into relationships.

All in all, it’s not too uncommon for somebody to have a crush on their friend’s parents, which is funny and also a little mortifying. You should wait until you’re of age to actually act on that (and be weary of anyone older than you who wants to date you), but parents of friends should probably be off limits, right?

That hasn’t stopped loads of people for seeking the internet for advice on how to get their friend’s dad to notice them, or how to seduce their pal’s mom. Here are eleven examples from Yahoo Answers that’ll make you cringe like crazy.