Dating underground tank leak

04 Mar

This is why it is vital that oil is only ever stored in tanks that are in good condition.Both the tank and pipe work should be regularly inspected and people should never buy more oil than they can safely store.Most homeowners have heard stories about leaking oil tanks & the impact the cleanup process has had on their properties.

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If you live in a regular, Canadian house, you’ve probably never experienced leaks from copper water pipes because copper is so reliable in this situation.

Unless a pipe freezes and bursts, you can live your whole life and never experience a copper water pipe leak.

When you turn on the tap, hot water only has to travel a couple of horizontal feet before it flows from your faucet.

As useful as this design is for delivering near-instant hot water for morning showers, the constant flow of water also creates a problem that I doubt engineers foresaw when circulating systems were originally envisioned.