Consolidating itunes music library

09 Feb

Likewise, you can ignore the description of how you can add music files to your library so they can be played in i Tunes without physically copying the music over to the i Tunes Music folder.

I am running into trouble consolidating my itunes library.

To organize your files, you can choose to place a copy of all the files in your music library in your i Tunes Music folder.

From the Advanced menu in i Tunes, choose Consolidate Library.

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For everything else -- playcounts, playlists, ratings, volume adjustments, start/stop times, ettc.

If you used i Tunes to add the artwork, that info is all in the "i Tunes" folder (\My Documents\My Music\i Tunes\), which will be unaffected by consolidating.

(If you already have a bunch of files residing in the specified i Tunes Music folder they'll just be moved to fit the organizational scheme, so that's a bit of a space-savings.) 4. If the art is embedded (like if you added it manually) it will, of course, be in the file.

I currently do not have i Tunes keeping my music folder organized.

I followed the steps to: 1-have itunes keep music folder organized 2-change the libary location to that on my HP Media Smart server So far, no issues with these steps.