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The sitcom was based on the fictional lives of the members of RBD.

The characters of the series were not based on the band's characters in Rebelde, but intended to be similar to the actors' real personalities.

Thank you very much, and I hope to see you soon.”His former boyfriend, Ben Kruger, has also talked about the incident in an open letter to Latin Times.

"What is disturbing to me is that since the photos were tweeted by Christian, he has continued to tweet," Kruger said in the letter.

The show ran from 2004–2006, totaling 440 episodes.

Following the success of Rebelde, in 2007, Televisa released RBD: La Familia, which starred the members of RBD.

BOGOTA – Fox Telecolombia, the Colombian outpost of Fox International Channels in which it holds a 51% stake, is in post production on one of the first — if not the first — Latin American sci-fi cable TV series in the region.

“2091” is set to debut on Fox Latin America in late October.

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"To me it is very important to clarify that the images that were published, were real," he said in the video.In the video, Chavez, who is openly gay, tells a priest in a church confessional that he is not sorry for his sexual preferences. In April 2013, his personal life made headlines again after an arrest for alleged domestic violence against his partner, Ben Kruger.Since 2011, the video has garnered over 8 million views. He also made headlines in October 2013 when he faked his suicide on Twitter.On one of the images where we can see the former RBD band member with his eyes closed and an alcohol bottle next to his head he wrote, "I just want to say to all you people with a double more." The photos proved to be so disturbing that they cause commotion and the singer quickly deleted them from his timeline, not before hashtags like "Christian Chavez Te Amamos" and "Stay Strong Christian" became trending topics.