Chat with fat girls

05 Feb

Whoever you are, whatever you're weight, if you're considered fat, lazy or overweight (even better if it's all three of these things!) then sign up with Fat Bastard Dating today for your chance at love and dating online. Fat bastard isn't a derogatory term here at Fat Bastard Dating.

but I've always been heavy, ever since I can remember. I'm 6'2 160 pounds, I love to exercise and workout at least daily. The girls I like are those with some meat on their bones. I just want a guy to like me for me not for my shape or size. Usually, they have pretty hot girls, but this time they sent me to the apartment of a fairly fat woman.In fact, the fatter, the better and in this online dating community, if you're a fat bastard, our members will love you and be queuing up for a date with this glorious, single fat bastard – you'll even find them asking how you're still single?!If this isn't quite tempting enough then remember, sign up is completely free and there's no obligation to pay a penny until you're comfortable with the site and you've found a fellow fat bastard worth contacting.Ok I just admit it: I am highly attracted to fat girls and think they are attractive. Omg I slammed on the brakes so hard just to get a glimpse of her wiggly belly!At the next light I turned around and looked again just to make sure my eyes weren't fooling me. gain weight, she's put on loads in the last year and shows a huge interest in my belly, she's the only person other than my girlfriend who will rub my belly too.