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15 Mar

Nu trebuie sa faci nimic din ceea ce tu nu vrei sa faci!Multe studiouri sustin ca sunt „cei mai buni”, „numarul 1″, „cei mai cei” din acest domeniu. O sa sustinem insa cu mandrie ca suntem unul din cele mai serioase studiouri din tara! Intelegem perfect temerile modelelor aflate la inceput de drum, asa ca Dream Studio a ales sa delimiteze clar cele 2 categorii, de aici luand nastere Dream Studio NON ADULT si Dream Studio ADULT. Faci doar ceea ce TU vrei sa faci si nimic mai mult.She is one of more than 14 models Maccotta has shot — all in an attempt to understand how technology interacts with and modifies human beings.

She wears a backless red dress and scrunches her hair, hustling from corner to corner.

It’s been ten years since the launch of the Sony World Photography Awards, a decade since this annual celebration of photographers and their work began.

This year, some 227,000 entries were received from over 180 countries, making it the world’s largest photography competition.

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