Avoid pitfalls online dating

14 Apr

We ask relationship counsellor, Denise Knowles, to outline the rules of online dating and the major pitfalls to avoid.Whether you are a senior surfer looking for love or a single mum wanting to start dating again, online dating can be a godsend.You may find yourself thinking that with so many possibilities, there has to be someone who’s a better pick than the particular person you’re looking at right now.But, if you buy into this way of thinking, you’ll likely remain single. So, you need to be careful not to pass on a potential partner who could make you truly happy.When people do this, they often face two problems: being overly picky and being self-critical.When you start seeing just how many people are out there looking, you might develop a tendency to become particularly picky.

Meeting someone on a dating site may serve up your next date, but it won’t serve up the attraction and socializing skills you need. Don’t get lazy just because you think you can get another date online if this one fails — you’re dealing with a real person, not a throwaway paper cup.Online dating can be a wild ride, but you won’t get much out of it if you’re uninformed of the do’s and don’ts.Many people discredit online dating as a viable way to meet your significant other, but you can make it work for yourself.Here are four online dating pitfalls, and how to avoid them.There are millions of people out there on online dating sites — the world is at your fingertips.