Apple tv pictures not updating

10 Mar

Most guest networks in hotels or similar do not allow devices connected to their network to see or communicate with any other device on that network. Streaming video to your Apple TV is available for Mac users working in mac OS or OS X El Capitan using Safari or Quick Time Player.Air Play mirroring is available for Macs using OS X Moutain Lion and higher.

and select either i Photo or Aperture library) and on my Apple TV (Settings Screensaver), I was viewing photos. The Ken Burns effect I’d selected was beautiful and the pictures slowly zoomed in and out with perfect fluidity.That doesn’t mean they aren’t a fun aspect of your computing, and they’re part of the new Apple TV experience. One problem you’ll have with your screensaver is if your Apple TV goes to sleep too soon.Much like a beautiful painting or artistic rug, a screensaver sets the mood. You’ll want to make sure your sleep timer setting is greater than your screensaver setting.Unfortunately, Air Play is a finicky little feature and problems connecting occur more often than anyone admits.Our staff at Apple Tool Box encounters problems with Air Play on a regular basis, so this isn’t uncharted ground.