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12 Feb

Her acting in the movie “Playing Mona Lisa” as Claire Goldstein gave her the opportunity to win US Comedy Arts Festival Film Discovery Jury Award for Best Actor.

Lately, she has appeared in “Person of Interest,” “Kingdom,” “Justified,” “Away From Here” and “The Bronx Bull.” She loves to act on stages as well.

So, to get the point across, we’ll say it one more time, she is NOT MARRIED!!! The beautiful actress began her acting career in 1984 when she played the role of Alia Atreides in the movie Dune. From his stand up to his TV shows he's used my personal life as his main story line.So at this place in my career I know he is one of the reason doors are opening up for me. And we both have been blessings to each other in that area.She is greatly loved by the audiences all over the world. She has her own personal site where she updates her fans with her latest news. We hear she got small breast implants that are fitting for her petite frame.