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30 Apr

In a moving range, the researchers were able to calculate that between 6.4% and 7.9% of sharks of all species are killed annually.To put that range in perspective, researchers analyzed life data from 62 shark species and found that only 4.9% of sharks can be killed each year to maintain population stability.“There’ll be more to inspire you soon,” announces a powder blue plywood partition, a dull assurance obscuring the mysterious “work in progress” behind it. ’ It's a pertinent question for this self-initiated tour of the Dubai shopping mall circuit, the answer becoming more abstracted the longer I look.An image of paint tins arranged in a circle shrouds it further, seven circles of pastel and a paintbrush ready to fulfil undiscovered desires; a muse for the money you’re willing to pay for it. Inspired by Adam Harper’s ‘Virtual Plaza’, I wanted to experience vaporwave’s uncanny valley of commerce at its most refined, beyond the flatscreen hallucinations of James Ferraro’s ‘Far Side Virtual’, INTERNET CLUB’s .

Whether you’re buying a perfume for your own use or as a gift for a friend, then you are in the right place in UAE.

I often wondered if the artists had spent much time in the economic centre of the United Arab Emirates.

Instead, projecting a distorted image, removed and re-blogged, via a visual meme of astronomical 21st wealth set to a backdrop of ancient tradition; a future-world dystopia of extreme incongruity that Gulf artists – Fatima Al Qadiri, Sophia Al Maria, Khalid Al Gharaballi –promoted and popularised.

This is Mall of the Emirates, where shopping “is just the beginning”, a pre-recorded call to prayer fracturing the choir of commerce at intervals.

The muezzin’s stunning tribute to divine providence floats from hidden speakers, through my uncomprehending ears and along the slightly grubby two-storey window into the detached scene of helmeted children on stunted skis, a painted panorama of mountains enveloping white-frosted pine trees and a fibreglass pyramid of ice as men, some in suits others in keffiyehs, look on.